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AfricArena travelled to 8 cities within the African continent sourcing the best start-ups for the Ecosystem and Tour Challenges sponsored by Vinci Energies, Saint-Gobain and AirFrance KLM. Out of more than 60 local businesses, we selected 17 of them to come and pitch at the grand finale in Cape Town in November.

Johannesburg, South Africa

9 October
Ecosystem winner: FinChatBot

Tunis, Tunisia

24 September
Ecosystem winner: GST

Dakar, Senegal

19 September
Ecosystem winner: PayDunya

Lagos, Nigeria

18 July
Ecosystem winner: TNC Stories

Casablanca, Morocco

4 July
Ecosystem winner: Eko-Geste

Nairobi, Kenya

12 June
Ecosystem winner: Medbit

Reunion Island

3 May
Ecosystem winner: Story Enjoy


2 May
Ecosystem winner: Travelbudds
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