Learning Expedition – 4th Industrial Revolution


4th Industrial Revolution is flourishing in South Africa    

Date: November 14, 2018



4th Industrial Revolution is flourishing in SA

Industry 4.0 is drastically changing the work landscape, how we live and how we do things and with the involvement of academic institutions, government, private institutions and the South African society, all strive to ensure that this digital revolution will only impact the country positively – but the most impactful players remain, there again, local SMMEs as these have lower adoption barriers, all embracing AI, robots, and connectivity! Too often local organisations look overseas for high-tech answers, when South African built technology, tailor-made for the continent’s environment, is right under their noses. Not only is it cheaper but supporting local innovation will drive growth and job creation in those companies. This will have a broader economic impact, creating organisations that are doing the kind of things we erroneously only credit to Silicon Valley, and giving local youth tech role models to aspire to and organisations they can dream of working for. Two sectors particularly stand out here in Cape Town when it comes to Industry 4.0: Agriculture and Health.

Come and talk to the entrepreneurs trying to tackle health/social and agriculture/environmental issues faced by Africa thanks to robots and IoT, AI and connectivity, in a bid to increase pace of impact change for the many whilst visiting the venues that catalyze these opportunities!



Cost includes transport, coffee/tea in the morning as well as a finger food for lunch, and wine/cocktails in the evening.

  1. V&A Workshop17 – 9am to 10am – Cultural talk and presentation of the innovation landscape in SA
  2. Khayelitsha Bandwidth Barn (10.45am to 12.15pm) – 4th IR for Inclusive Growth
  3. FSAT Labs (1.45pm to 3pm) – Agritech
  4. MEST (3.30pm to 5pm) – Health Tech
  5. MEST – 5pm to 6.30pm – Networking Wine and Cocktails
  6. Travel to Workshop17 for 7pm