Learning Expedition – FinTech


FinTech is flourishing in SA

Date: November 14, 2018



FinTech is flourishing in SA

African VC deal-making in the recent years were dominated by investments in technology companies, particularly Fintech and e-Commerce. Most promising ventures emerging from the Cape Town’s ecosystem are in mobile-enabled banking and financial inclusion services, bringing disruption to an anticipated $10,499m market by the end of 2018. If you’re running a small business (about 3m of them in SA, both formal and informal), you might be thinking about how you can use these burgeoning Fintech technologies to your advantage! The South African small business community has a huge appetite for technological invention and financial reform. In many respects, Fintech has arrived at precisely the right moment. A large underbanked rural population and a growing middle class have increased the desire for new solutions to old financial problems. Underserved communities have long desired better services, and even well-served communities are keen to explore more sophisticated options when it comes to issues such as payment processing.

The AA FinTech Track will take you to some of the most important innovation spaces playing a key role in helping turn ideas into scaling businesses, where some of most innovative and promising ventures will share insights into their businesses and discuss opportunities/challenges faced by tech entrepreneurs in SA.



Cost includes transport, coffee/tea in the morning as well as a finger food for lunch, and a glass of wine in the evening.  
  1. V&A Workshop17 – 9am to 10am – Cultural talk and presentation of the innovation landscape in SA
  2. UCT GSB Solution Space Philippi (10.45pm to 12.15pm) – Social innovation and Financial Inclusion
  3. Lunch Box
  4. Bandwidth Barn Woodstock (1.45am to 3pm) – Mobile Money, Digital banking
  5. FSATLABS (3.30pm to 5pm) – Inclusive Investment
  6. V&A Workshop17 – Networking Wine