Brett Commaille - Speakers - AfricArena
Lead partner for AngelHub Ventures

Lead partner for AngelHub Ventures, a Venture Capital fund with investments into high growth businesses with innovative business models led by strong entrepreneurs. He’s a Senior Investment Partner for Hlayisani Capital, a level 2 empowered Growth Equity fund manager. He trained as a CA with Deloittes and PWC in SA and in the Middle East, worked as a Merchant Banker for Standard Corporate Merchant Bank, co-founded and ran a VC fund for Remgro Ltd (a listed investment firm) and finally co-founded South Africa’s first business Angel investment group along the way.  However, plenty of his best lessons come from many trials in starting his own businesses and investing his own and others’ capital into various start-ups.  He’s keen to help founders avoid the same pitfalls and succeed rapidly, and is an investor and advisor to several promising young businesses which he believes will be household names soon enough.

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