Clive Butkow - AfricArena
CEO of Kalon Venture Partners

Clive is the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Accenture South Africa, he has 28 years management consulting experience. During his tenure at Accenture (formally Arthur Anderson and Anderson Consulting), he played numerous leadership roles, including Managing Director of Accenture’s Technology business as well as Managing Director of Accenture’s Resources business. Since being promoted to partner in 1997, Clive led sales for various divisions including SAP, Resources and Accenture’s Technology business, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset which helped grow Accenture into one of the top emerging markets globally.

Clive is currently the CEO of Kalon Venture Partners, a disruptive digital technology Venture Capital Fund (VCC). He sits on various boards of the VCC’s underlying companies including chairman on one of the companies. He also sits on the board of a large privately held ICT company.

Clive joined Arthur Anderson in 1985 (now Accenture) after graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand with a B.Sc degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

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