Craig Mullett - Speakers - AfricArena
President of Branison Group

Craig Mullett is President of Branison Group, an M&A advisory firm based near New York City. Craig is also an active angel investor as a Director of the Angel Investor Forum, part of the Angel Capital Association. Craig is a founder of AngelHub, Africa’s first angel group and helped in establishing SA Business Angels Network as well as Trident Angels, the first Caribbean angel group. He has many active angel investments that include cloud computing software, mobile digital security, consumer goods and medical devices. Craig has been interviewed on startup investing by the New York Times, Forbes, Financial Mail and Inc. He is a Venture Advisor at Yale University and has an MBA from Nyenrode (Netherlands), a BCom(Hons) from the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and is a graduate of the International Leadership Academy of the United Nations (Jordan).

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