Kungela Mzuku - AfricArena
CEO and Co-founder of Proof of Steak

Kungela Mzuku describes herself as an optimistic futurist who comes from Mthatha, Eastern Cape. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Proof of Steak, an investment platform which strives to tackle information asymmetry within the agricultural sector. Alongside her entrepreneurial endeavours, Kungela is part of the first candidates currently pursuing the MPhil in Financial Technology and previously a Bachelor of Business Sciences in Information Systems both at the University of Cape Town. She has won 1st Prize in two Hackathon Competitions, worked for 22Seven (UX/UI design intern), Praekelt Foundation (Service Design intern) and more recently as a Data Science intern at Aerobotics. She is passionate about Product Design and using technology to facilitate change.

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