Lydia Babaci-Victor - Speakers - AfricArena
Director of Innovation & Development at Vinci Energies

After graduating with a Master in Financial Engineering, Lydia Babaci-Victor began her ca- reer in 1991 at Initiative & Finance (Natixis group) as « chargé d’affaires », after which she joined the consulting firm Cabinet Coulon & Associés in 1994.

In 1996 Lydia took on the position of Managing Director at Victory Multimedia. She success- fully carried out the company’s first digital transformation (from minitel to the internet) and led the company’s sale to Jet Multimedia (i.e. 9 Telecom which is today SFR Business)

Building on these enriching experiences, Lydia set up her own company in 2003, LCV Consulting, specialised in ….

She joined VINCI Park (now INDIGO) in 2009 as Business Unit Director. Three years later, in 2012, she became the Global Development, Marketing and Communication Director where she implemented a new marketing strategy and steered the digital transformation of the company.

In November 2014, Lydia joined VINCI Energies to create and direct the new Development and Innovation Pole.

Her current assignment takes her around the world to encourage the emergence of innova- tive projects within the entities of VINCI Energies. Lydia’s role is to promote open innova- tion and the “startup spirit », with the aim for it to then irrigate the entire group.

Lydia has a spirit for community initiatives and has always been an active member of va- rious associations: Le Vésinet Sport Union, the Protection of Le Vésinet Hospital park, sup- porting the cause against the exclusion of the SNCF railway to La Defense, a founding member of the Institute for Air Quality.

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