Mitchan Adams - AfricArena
Co-founder of I-Pay

Mitchan Adams, born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mitchan is a thought leader in the payment industry with over a decade of experience working for companies like the JSE and Setcom. He eventually left his full-time employment to fuel the burning fire of entrepreneurship on a full-time basis by the end of 2014, together with Thomas Pays and Lyle Eckstein to co-found i-Pay, the award-winning, market-leading automated EFT solution based in South Africa. i-Pay is currently busy expanding throughout Africa driving the use-case for open banking in emerging markets. Mitchan is an FNB Business Innovation Awards 2017 finalist as well as an Endeavor Entrepreneur. He currently serves in the role of Director and Head of R&D at i-Pay as one of the founding members, continually innovating breakthrough in the payments industry daily.

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