Thomas Pays - AfricArena
Co-founder and CEO of i-Pay Secure Payments

Thomas Pays, a Techpreneur, pacesetter, husband of 14 years, father of 3 and fitness & health commander with a passion for building businesses.


French-born entrepreneur, Thomas Pays has built and exited 3 businesses for the past decade in South Africa. Considered one of the largest gaming success stories, Thomas founded Gambling-Advertising in 2006. From just a need to succeed, it grew to the third largest gaming agency in the world, reaching over 118 countries in over 20 languages by 2008.  

Followed by one of South Africa’s tech success stories, Thomas founded Smokoo from just an idea and persistence. Smokoo, an auction website with a twist, grew to more than 2.5 million visits in less than 6 months setting to date unprecedented records of growth and revenue for an eCommerce website in South Africa.


In 2013 Thomas co-founded Just Perfect, a digital agency providing 360-degree services to leading corporate companies locally, which lead to the development of i-Pay. Thomas exited Just Perfect in 2016 to commit his full time and attention to i-Pay. 

Today, you will find Thomas doing what he loves most, being at the forefront of the most innovative and disruptive scale up payment solution in Africa as the co-founder and CEO of i-Pay Secure Payment.

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